For better or worse, insurance work is a large piece of our business, like many auto shops! While some shops consider “insurance” a dirty word, we’ve taken the bull by the horns and mastered the art of navigating the murky waters of auto insurance claims and repair.

From State Farm to Allstate, Geico and all the other players, we deal with just about every insurance company (both large and small) on a daily basis. At Haskins, we pride ourselves on making sure our customers easily understand the entire process, and what to expect.

Without question, dealing with auto related insurance claims and collision repair can be a complex business! Let us handle the “dirty work” for you, so you can get our car repaired, approved and back on the road!

As soon as an unfortunate accident happens, and you know all parties are healthy and safe, give us a call. We can help get your car towed to our body shop if needed. Once you have your claim number we’ll not only set up an appointment with the adjuster to come look at your vehicle, we’ll also help you get your rental set up. 

Most importantly, make sure that your insurance company does not steer you in the direction of the body shop they want you to go to. In the state of Virginia you have the right to choose the body shop you want to work on your vehicle. If you go to the body shop that the insurance company chooses then that body shop works for the insurance company and not you! When you choose the body shop, that body shop works for you and not the insurance company! At Haskins, we give a guarantee and warranty to all the work we do. The same warranty and guarantee that any insurance company body shop does. Don’t let the insurance companies steer you.

We can help you take care of your insurance claim from the very beginning steps of getting that rental car until the car is fixed and you are completely satisfied and you have a safe vehicle to take out on the road again.

We will explain the process step by step with you, and thoroughly answer any and all of your questions. We know how important it is for us to listen to you, and to make 100% sure we understand your expectations and then surpass them. As a “small town” shop, our reputation is our business…and we’ve built quite a reputation for handling auto related insurance better than the big boys!

Contact Us if You Have Insurance Questions!

If you have questions about how to file an insurance claim, what all is involved with insurance related auto work, or if you just need a point in the right direction, by all means contact Haskins Collision and Auto Service online, or call us at (804) 798-4826.