State InspectionsIt’s August… does your inspection sticker expire this month? No worries…we proudly offer State Inspections!

Everyone knows that the state of Virginia requires you to have your car professionally inspected once every 12 months, in order to insure that your car meets the minimum state requirements for all vehicles on the road.

So why have your state inspections completed at Haskins Collision and Auto Service in Ashland? We offer fair prices, fast service, excellent communication and honest feedback. What else could you ask for in a reliable mechanic or body shop?

With every state inspection, we perform a 24 point vehicle procedure, just to meet minimum state regulations/requirements. Our 24 point check includes (but is not limited to):

1: Remove Old Sticker

2: Drive Vehicle Into Inspection Lane

3: Inspect Brakes

4: Inspect Parking Brake

5: Inspect Headlights

6: Inspect All other lights

7: Inspect Signal Device

8: Inspect Steering and Suspension

9: Inspect Tires, Wheels and Rims

10: Inspect Mirrors

11: Inspect Car Horn

12: Inspect Windshield and All Other Glass

13: Inspect Windshield Wiper and/or Defroster

14: Inspect Exhaust System

15: Inspect Rear License Plate

16: Inspect Hood and Area Under Hood

17: Inspect Air Pollution Control System

18: Inspect Drivers Seat

19: Inspect Seat Belts

20: Inspect Air Bag and Air Bag Readiness Light

21: Inspect Doors at the Right and Left Side of the Driver’s Seat

22: Inspect Fuel System

23: Inspect Floor Plan

24: Issue new State Inspection Sticker!

Contact Haskins Auto Virginia State Inspections!

When that sticker starts to get closer and closer to expiration, remember Haskins Collision and Auto Service center in Hanover, Virginia! Call us anytime at (804) 798-4826 or contact Haskins Collision and Auto Service online to schedule your next state inspection! Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and help out however we can.