Transmission repairTransmission issues can sideline your car and cause thousands of dollars of damage if you don’t choose the right professional to diagnose and fix your issues. If you’re noticing grinding, abnormally high or low RPMs (under normal conditions), or troubles shifting into gear… you might have a transmission repair need. Act quickly!

Choose Haskins for Transmission Repair!

Customers throughout Ashland and the greater RVA area choose Haskins for a number of key reasons, including:

1: Free Diagnostic

2: Excellent Service

3: Experienced Technicians 

4: Timely Service 

Free Diagnostic

If you feel like you’re experiencing a transmission problem, just bring your vehicle to us for a free transmission diagnostic!  This will allow us to quickly determine the severity of any potential issue and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Excellent Service

We find that customers often think first to take their vehicle to the dealership (where they bought the car) to diagnose potential problems. Don’t fall victim to this way of thinking! Our team is local, experienced, community focused and customer driven. Smaller, more “community” repair shops like Haskins lean on our reputation and referrals to drive our business, and service is at the heart of our business model.

Experienced Technicians 

Our team of focused, motivated and seasoned technicians are the best in the business! Our team is full of professionals that are proud to stake our reputation on getting the job done fast, correctly, and completely.

Timely Service

Haskins will make sure that you can get back on the road quick! We know how big of an inconvenience major transmission repair related issues can be for anyone. When you choose us, we’ll have your problem diagnosed and repaired as quick as possible.

Please understand that while we push hard to get you back on the road quickly, we also focus just as much (if not more) on getting the job done right. Balancing timely service with accurate problem diagnostic and repair is the entire trick!

Contact Haskins Today For Transmission Repair

You can reach us at (804) 798-4826 or fill out the contact request to get in touch with one of our rep, who will set up an appointment. Trust the professionals at Haskins to thoroughly analyze your issues and completely fix your transmission!